Yellow teeth

Yellow teeth what are the causes and what to do

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Yellow teeth are not good for a mouth. The teeth are dynamic organs and are formed by the crown, the root, and the collar. They are covered by the enamel that is a hard substance that protects the tooth and the delicate parts of it. However, the enamel is susceptible to attack by bacteria that are deposited in the form of tartar.

The tartar forms a patina on the yellow teeth. This can determine the color change of the tooth so you can have yellow teeth. To whiten the teeth, there are various methods.

To avoid the formation of tartar and therefore the yellow teeth it is necessary to have thorough oral hygiene. So, brush your teeth regularly. Other causes of the yellow teeth can be the smoke that determines pigmentations on the teeth.

How to clean the yellow teeth with natural remedies?

yellow teeth

Some tips that help you have the whitest teeth: first you have to wash your teeth often. At least 3-4 times during the day and always after meals. Then you must use the mouthwash and dental floss. This will help to have teeth healthy and cared for. Remember to go at least once a year to the dentist to have a more specific check and to advise us of any doubts.


Yellow teeth can give social problems, as they can lead to discomfort or embarrassment. So, it is very important to eliminate the annoying yellow spots from the teeth. Aid for this can be found in natural remedies.

One of these is to use sodium bicarbonate (an excellent remedy against yellow teeth). So, we take a little sodium bicarbonate and add it to a little bit of warm water and use it as normal toothpaste.

Recall that sodium bicarbonate should not often be used, as it can damage the enamel. It should, therefore, be used in moderation. Keep readingĀ

Dental cleaning or bleaching for yellow teeth?

To understand whether to undergo a dental cleaning or whitening treatment to eliminate yellow stains on the teeth. It is first necessary to understand what the causes of having the yellow teeth are.

In this case, when we go to the dentist who will visit us, we will understand the type of treatment that best suits our needs. In principle, we say that if the yellow teeth are due to tartar or plaque, dental cleansing is more indicated, also called scalar scaling or ablation of tartar. It consists in the mechanical removal of tartar or dental plaque.

This treatment is also useful for preventing caries, gingival inflammation such as periodontitis or pyorrhea, gingivitis, pulpits, etc. The yellow teeth are due to a discoloration of the enamel. In this case, the tooth bleaching is necessary. The most common substance used for professional whitening is hydrogen peroxide.

Various types of cavity stains to the fissures of the gum teeth and roots

cavity stains

The cavity is a disease that destroys the teeth, starting with the enamel, corroding the tooth gradually. In this case, the tooth is very sensitive; you can also feel the bad taste in the mouth and pain. We can see that there is caries on our teeth even from the yellow / black spots on the teeth.

The pain becomes serious if the cavity becomes deeper. The cavities are distinguished in caries between the fissures of the teeth. Generally caused by food residues that get tangled in the teeth, yet cavities on the dental root generally caused by poor oral hygiene.

Then there is gingival caries and the caries of the grooves and cracks. It is very important to treat the cavities. Above all, it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is not cured the bacteria reach the pulp destroying it. In extreme cases, caries can lead to tooth loss.

In this case, the tooth is replaced by an artificial pin tooth, which is implanted into the bone. Checking the dentist is important. In the case of yellow teeth, if there are cavities are discovered immediately and then proceed with treatment.

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