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To whiten activated charcoal teeth – a fast and efficient way to make a snow white smile

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To provide a white smile and inner self-confidence, it is necessary to follow the hygiene rules of the oral cavity and select the most effective bleaching agent. Spending money on expensive dental procedures is unnecessary because brushing your teeth with activated charcoal provides the desired aesthetic effect.

Like charcoal

Black pills are available in every medicine cabinet, for men they are a lifesaver, and can even be used in dentistry. It is soft and the safest method that has no contraindications. As part of no chemical dyes and active ingredients are considered to be charcoal, walnut shells, fruit bones. If you activate these substances, they are in contact with the surface of the enamel to quickly remove the white layer, cut stone.

Many people use only the cleaning method for the home. Attracted by the fact that the result is instantaneous, that it lacks a single procedure. When it comes into contact with the hot water tablet, it quickly dissolves into small particles that come into direct contact with the dentin. Sediment particles can damage the enamel structure with long-term contact: attenuate it and make it hypersensitive to temperature stimuli. Otherwise, the activated carbon ensures meticulous care and rapid clarification of the dentition a few tones.

Home teeth whitening methods

Before the performance, it will not prevent the consultation and the help to the dentist. For teeth whitening of high quality it is necessary to choose the form of release medicine. The installation has several forms of release, which greatly simplifies the task for the patient. It is recommended to use activated carbon teeth whitening courses, but do not do this type of preventive procedures on a daily basis.

Charcoal powder

Dental whitening is a more convenient form of charcoal powder since the preliminary routine does not require medication. The patient only needed to omit the wet black powder brush, after which he drove quickly on the surface of the enamel. A few minutes later, and the smile becomes a white as snow, and a trace will be left of the grouping of the stone and the plate. The second procedure is desirable to spend a few days in the pollution less enamel. Keep readingĀ

Toothpaste with carbon

Clear yellowish incisors can be tools sold in specialized pharmacies. It is recommended to buy a tube of toothpaste with whitening properties, but also the presence of activated carbon in the natural composition is to be received. Application – in accordance with the instructions and the risk of damage to the enamel – is minimal. Such preparations can be used per month, after which they must break in order to prevent thinning of the dentin.

The use of tablets

Whitening discolored teeth in the form of charcoal tablet – a “classic of the genre.” There is a dime that preparation is available in each pharmacy and in addition to a bleaching effect provides a rapid elimination of halitosis. To prepare such a process, it may require mortar in the form of pellets to be pre-milled. After your application you need an additional rinse your mouth, completely removing the black particles.

The use of activated charcoal and bleaching damage

Bleaching procedure does not cause discomfort, easily performed in any condition, provides a stable and long-lasting result. Gums are not injured, and among the main advantages of these favorable points should be highlighted:

  • an aesthetic effect for a single session;
  • no discomfort, the need to visit the dentist;
  • the possibility of combining the methods of official and alternative medicine;
  • minimum financial costs;
  • a minimal list of contraindications, side effects.

There are also disadvantages, which also have to focus your attention. They are:

  • gradual thinning of the enamel;
  • waste of black spots on mouthwash teeth when deficient;
  • an idiosyncrasy of that component.

Is it possible to whiten your teeth with activated charcoal

This question is of interest to many interested dental patients. To whiten the carbon teeth – a safe procedure, but before putting it into practice it is advisable to consult more with your dentist. For example, if you are sensitive enamel it is better to choose another way, since the clinical picture after each session will only get worse. The restrictions apply to the recurrence of dental disease on the scene and return to clean up after the long-awaited referral.

When there are no such restrictions, activated charcoal to the teeth – this is true salvation, especially when combined with lemon juice. If a black powder is diluted with a few drops of lemon concentrate, the bleaching properties only increase. Optionally, activated carbon can whiten dental whitening with any toothpaste in a ratio of 1: 2.

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