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How to use dental floss? Types and which one to choose

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First of all, before explaining the correct use of the wire, we should say what it is and what it is used for. Dental floss is an indispensable tool almost as much as the toothbrush for our oral hygiene. It is more than anything else for the hygiene of interdental spaces.

The dental floss can be made of materials such as silk, or threads of other materials covered with wax. Try to avoid the use of wax-coated wires. The non-waxed ones adhere better to the tooth surface and more effectively trap the plaque bacterial in their filaments. The thread should be used every evening with care and appropriate method so as not to damage the gums.

Dropping about 45 cm of the floss from the container containing the dental floss, twisting the two ends of the thread around the two middle fingers. Between the thumbs and the indexes, only 2-3 cm of a thread should remain. Place the thread between two teeth and gently move the thread back and forth until it reaches the gum line. Pay close attention to this step because you could cut the gum.

How to use dental floss?

use dental floss in right way

Place the wire around a single tooth forming a “c” and gently slide it without tugging it in the space between tooth and gum. Then continue with upper and lower movements gently scraping against the side of the tooth. Turn the wire around the tooth near and keep repeating the operation. After that, rinse your mouth well to remove food and bacteria residues that the dental floss has brought to the surface. Keep readingĀ

When you begin to use dental floss, you may notice for the first 5-6 days that the gums may bleed. It is quite normal because the wire may irritate. If the bleeding persists beyond 6 -7 days, you should contact your dentist of trust.

Toothbrush or dental floss

How to use dental floss

Specialists advise first to proceed with the brush and then with dental floss. It is essential that after the thread you rinse your mouth to remove residues.

Recall that good oral hygiene even in childhood helps to keep healthy teeth in adulthood. So, it is important to teach the child how to brush and how to use dental floss.

Floss waxed glide or fluorine which one to choose?

Dental floss is a very important tool for correct oral hygiene and to remove food residues. Often the food residues that remain between one tooth and the other happen to be overlooked, but it is precisely here that most of gingival caries and diseases begin.

Precisely for this reason, it is very important to use dental floss and choose the one most suitable for your teeth. The most common dental floss is the non-waxed round section.

Then again we always find the one with a waxed round section that slides easily between the teeth. In our opinion, the best is the ribbon threads that slide easily even between the tighter teeth.

For good oral hygiene in addition to dental floss, it is important to choose a good toothbrush and also use the mouthwash that will help eliminate any bacteria in the mouth.

The toothbrush must be chosen according to your needs, i.e., if we have teeth or sensitive gums should opt for the one with soft bristles, the maximum line we say that are good medium bristle, which is not so hard to irritate the gums.

Electric toothbrush

Toothbrush or dental floss

Then remember that in the presence of gingivitis or pyorrhoea the toothbrush must be very delicate, also generally the toothbrush must have a proportionate size to its mouth and must allow easy access to all surfaces of the teeth.

You can then opt for an electric toothbrush, which through a set of oscillations pulsations, and rotations improve the cleaning of our teeth.

Particular attention is also paid to the electric toothbrush with the incorporated water jet, which, through a powerful pressurized water jet, helps to remove plaque, tartar and food deposits trapped between gums and teeth more effectively. Still, other types of interdental threads are enriched with fluorine or vitamin C or disinfectants.

In conclusion

We say that the use of dental floss is very important to have a shining smile and white teeth, we also remember that the cleaning of the teeth should be repeated several times a day, always after meals for at least three minutes.

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