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A toothache: how to relieve pain, home and natural remedies

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In general, you have to take care of your teeth. So, you have to go regularly to the dentist at least once a year to perform control tests. You have to brush your teeth morning and evening and avoid overeating foods rich in sugar.

That said, if we have a toothache this could be due to several reasons, let’s see what the main ones are:

  • A toothache due to cavities, where the attack begins with enamel, penetrates to dentin.
  • Due to the pulpitis, which can be caused by caries or infectious factors.
  • Toothache Due to gingivitis.
  • Due to the excessive sensitivity of the tooth or gingiva.

In general, we say that the sick teeth must be treated immediately before. For example, that cavities becomes deep. Often, however, the pain is due to caries, which is a very common dental problem. This generally attacks the lower and upper molars and incisors.

Cause of a toothache


A toothache is very annoying, generally involves some dental problem. There may be tooth decay, an abscess, an inflammation, etc. So go immediately to the dentist and follow advice and treatment. In the meantime, we can help to ease the pain with home remedies. Let’s see some:

For the first home, the remedy is used where the leaves and flowers are used. So against a toothache, a cataclysm is prepared. The leaves and flowers are crushed together, then collected in gauze, applied to the part that hurts you.

Another home remedy very fast against a toothache is that made with onion, chopped the onion well by doing a kind of mush. Apply it on the sore. To help get rid of fine dental infections, they are rinsing with water and salt, often during the day.

Recall that these represent only an aid to solve the problem of a toothache. As soon as possible it is always advisable to go to the dentist to treat the pain and any inflammation. We also always recommend a constant and effective oral hygiene made with care and method. Keep readingĀ https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/toothaches

A toothache and visit to the dentist


The teeth are very hard organs, located in the mouth, used to grind and prepare food for digestion. They also serve to pronounce certain sounds and finally have an aesthetic value. Sometimes, however, we can feel pain, toothache, say that at least once in a lifetime every person suffers. The pain can be caused by different reasons, from caries for example, from infections, from a dental injury, etc.

Therefore, when we feel pain, whether it is acute or light, and the thing to do is to go to the dentist for a check-up. So when we go to the dentist, this proceeds from a preliminary examination. To understand where the pain comes from. When he/she understand where the dentist comes from he will proceed with the appropriate treatments.

In the examination, all the teeth are examined, also the internal surfaces through a small mirror, usually round. For more detailed examinations, radiography is used.

Oral cavity solution

Oral cavity

These are necessary for example when the cause of the pain is a fracture of the root of the tooth. It is also necessary to go to the dentist when we notice other disorders. Such as bleeding gums and perennial bad breath when the teeth move, etc.

In the examination of the oral cavity, the main instruments that are used are, two metal probes made like a kind of hook, and a round mirror to see the hidden surfaces. We remember (as often in our articles) that it is very important to keep the teeth healthy and cared for. Use both the oral hygiene did at home, and the professional dentist.

How to relieve pain

A toothache and visit to the dentist

Here are various tips to relieve the pains of the teeth without using drugs, they are tips and suggestions collected on the internet, so they have no medical value. However, they can be useful.

When a caries of discomfort, you can rinse with hydrogen peroxide. It sterilizes the bacteria and gives you breath.

When a tooth is pierced it causes pain, you can use the cloves have a mild anesthetic and calming action.

If a toothache is caused by a dental abscess, it can calm the inflammation with compresses of leaves or boiled flowers of mallow.

Again to alleviate a toothache, you can heat a cloth on the radiator, then place it on the side where there is a tooth that hurts.

Final thought,

Cause of a toothache

It is always advisable to go to the dentist as soon as possible to get a general and specific check to understand the toothache pain and for any treatments. The problems and the dental diseases of the teeth should not be overlooked. In many cases, if the diseases of the teeth are to be treated in time, you can completely recover the tooth.

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