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Is It Possible To Teeth Whitening With Activated Charcoal?

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Not everyone can afford regular expensive visits to dental surgeries. Are there inexpensive and affordable methods of teeth whitening, which can be easily carried out at home? There is a simple and effective method of whitening. Not everyone knows that there is teeth whitening with activated charcoal. The methods of using coal are simple and anyone can apply them.

Why activated charcoal?Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has a number of properties that help to clean and whiten teeth.

The history of the use of coal for similar purposes goes back centuries. At balls of past centuries, in order not to hide a fan with a shame, not to hide the smile, the charming ladies before going out into the light, thoroughly grinned into the enamel the chopped pieces of charcoal.

Coal has excellent qualities: crushed combines two properties – sorbing and abrasive. Particles of the substance gently clean the tooth enamel, without causing harm to it. The plaque, removed by abrasive friction, begins to be absorbed by the cleaning particles of coal.

What is important and pleasant: whiteness of tooth enamel comes back thanks to natural cleansing, and not through chemical bleaching.

Modern activated charcoal, in contrast to simple wood has several advantages. The composition of the “therapeutic” coal, in addition to coal, includes organic constituents – crushed fruit bones, particles of a nutshell. This combination enhances the sorbing property and the crushed particles themselves are stiffer, have more effective abrasive qualities, while preserving the careful attitude to tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening with coalActivated Charcoal

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal is not difficult, but there are several excellent methods that can be applied in different cases.

The tooth mask

This is the most “total” method, when you need to clean your teeth immediately and to spectacular whiteness.

It is necessary to choose a time when you can afford not to talk or eat. Optimum time – one and a half to two hours. On a small piece of cotton, stretched for the length and height of the dentition, a small layer of toothpaste is applied. A helium-based paste is suitable for this purpose. Activated charcoal is crumbled onto the paste layer. Coal is best chopped by hand in a mortar. If you grind in a coffee grinder – the coal will be too shallow.

For an hour, from time to time, the cotton wool with coal can be pressed to the teeth and make small and frequent biting movements. Such manipulation will make it possible to use the abrasive properties of particles more efficiently.

The saliva accumulated during whitening should be spit after the procedure. Continue Reading- A toothpaste with charcoal to whiten teeth to do yourself

Addition of activated charcoal to toothpasteActivated Charcoal

The method is very simple, it does not require additional time or conditions. It is necessary to pre-pour the crushed coal into a small container. The container should be small, make sure that it is tightly closed with a lid or stopper. Another condition is that it is convenient to pour activated charcoal out of the container in small portions.

To use the whitening agent after you have cleaned and rinsed your mouth well, do not rush to put the toothbrush back on. Once again, apply a small portion of the paste (less than usual) to the brush bristles, and then “pepper” it with the minced coal. The brush is damp so if you think that there is not enough coal on the brush, you can sprinkle a few more times on the bristles of the brush.

Thus, adding a minute or two more time to the daily brushing procedure, you can achieve a snow-white effect.

A way for lovers of coffee and tobacco

Everyone knows the sad fact that smokers and lovers of coffee or strong tea color their teeth corresponds to their favorite pastime. And not all bleaching agents are able to cope with the plaque that has been accumulating on tooth enamel for more than one year. Activated charcoal at one time will also not make a miracle. But you can use it every time you smoke or drink coffee! To do this, you need a little trick: make sure that there is always a pack of activated charcoal in your pocket. The method is simple: after a cigarette, put a pill of coal in your mouth and crush it with your teeth, helping the tongue so that the coal evenly dissipates over the dentition. If you think that one tablet is small, then crush one more tooth.

In circumstances where there is such a possibility, then accumulate saliva with coal spit, and rinse your mouth. If water is out of reach, then it can be replaced with a plastic of chewing gum. Saliva with coal in this case can be spit, and the remainder of the coal will be taken by chewing gum.

Activated charcoal as a tooth powderActivated Charcoal

This option will be more popular with those who do not trust means, manufactured in a stream way. Then the bleaching agent can be made independently. Will this tool be more effective than the “factory” means – the eternal theme for the dispute? But the fact that it will be cleaned and bleached is a fact. For the tooth powder you need coal in ten tablets, three tablespoons of chalk, a teaspoon of soda and a teaspoon of salt. All the ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and filled into a container with a tight-fitting lid. Can such a powder replace the “factory” toothpaste? Completely. The abrasive material of the powder will be chalk and charcoal. Whitening ingredients are soda and charcoal. And salt helps to salivate when brushing your teeth.

It should be noted that modern toothpastes include a softer abrasive material than chalk. Therefore, if you have a weak enamel, then it is better to refuse tooth powder than to use modern toothpastes on a helium basis. But before you start the independent procedures for teeth whitening, visit the dentist and try to get advice about the bleaching options available.

In the powder obtained at home, aromatic additives do not enter, therefore, in order to resume freshness in the mouth, it is recommended after washing with such a powder to rinse the oral cavity with a tooth elixir.

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