dangers of home teeth whitening

The dangers of home teeth whitening

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On the Internet, you can find hundreds of methods to make at home in order to improve the tone of the teeth. Are they as harmless as they point? Let’s see what the best remedy for home tooth whitening is.

Charles Chaplin said that one day without smiling is a lost day and did not lack reason. Smiling is a gesture that we usually perform in various circumstances. This makes the teeth one of the areas that most worries many people and it is not surprising.

Some people can wear good dental hygiene by brushing up two or three times a day. Even doing all this, a person can see how their teeth are losing color as time goes by. Consuming certain foods or having unhealthy habits. Such as smoking, are usually the culprits of not wearing a gleaming smile? Keep readingĀ https://www.healthable.org/the-dangers-of-at-home-teeth-whitening/

From that moment, many people resort to methods not recommended in order to improve the smile. One of them is called home whitening.

Why is home tooth whitening inadvisable?

dangers of home teeth whitening

Just a short search on the internet to realize that there are endless home remedies to improve the tone of the teeth. The most serious thing is that most of them are advertised as cheap and harmless methods. Something that gives plenty of reasons for anyone to get ready to try these recipes.

By carrying out these remedies we will not only be wasting time and money. We could also wear out or lose the only tissue in the human body that does not reproduce: tooth enamel, which is the most superficial layer of the visible tooth when we smile. It is important to take care of the tooth enamel. Otherwise, the patient would have to resort to dental techniques. Such as dental veneers or full-coverage crowns to achieve the desired aesthetic objectives. A good example of how cheap can be very expensive.

Myth about home tooth whitening

There are ingredients that are repeated in most of the home tooth whitening method (such as baking soda, lemon or hydrogen peroxide). It is a myth that some of these products work as a tooth whitening. Worst of all is that rubbing your teeth with one of them can get to burn the enamel or generate problems of long-term tooth sensitivity.

There are also websites and blogs that point to the consumption of fruits (such as strawberries), vegetables (such as carrots). Even banana peels as remedies to make the teeth look whiter. However, none of this is proven.

What is recommended for home tooth whitening?

Teeth whitening is an important dental treatment. Requires the evaluation of a dentist, depending on each case will apply a type of whitening or another. Each patient and each tooth is treated individually. It is possible to find teeth darker than others.

The professional in dentistry also evaluates the type of enamel that the patient has and their lifestyle. And it is that the diet that takes is an issue to take into account when it comes to knowing how much is going to maintain the treatment over time.

In addition to strict dental hygiene, avoid drinking coffee, change black tea for white tea or green tea. Also, avoid foods with powerful dyes, are some of the keys to keep the teeth white and unbleached.

Final thought,

Putting yourself in the hands of professionals is the best remedy for home tooth whitening or for any type of treatment you want to do in the mouth. After all, it is not only a matter of health and not to be bet on with any method found on the Internet. Putting the smile to the point favors the confidence in oneself when it comes to relating with other people. It is why the aesthetic part also has a lot of weight.

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